Control and monitoring of change processes

Complex systems show unpredictable or chaotic change cascades. This phenomenon affects organizations of all sizes but also personal development processes. Surprising, erratic and turbulent developments seem hardly controllable at first glance! Understanding how they work is therefore a key competence for designing change processes!

The good news: complex systems can be understood! The system sciences provide both a suitable basis for understanding and effective methods for evaluating and influencing the inherent dynamics of self-organization.

With Synergetic Process Management we have developed a method for designing processes in complex contexts. With the Synergetic Navigation System (SNS) we provide a web-based technology to map change processes of any kind. Our process evaluation tools enable the integration of data collection, data analysis and visualization. Together, SNS and Synergetic Process Management provide the valid basis for decision-making, both for collaborative governance and evaluation.

In this course, you will develop a deeper understanding of complex systems and nonlinear change processes, as well as the knowledge necessary to capture and evaluate them. The course provides the basic knowledge necessary for working with the SNS in psychotherapy monitoring. After successful participation and the writing of a project-related final paper, participants receive a certificate from Paracelsus Medical Private University. One focus of the course is the transfer of research results from psychotherapy research into the areas of counseling/coaching as well as in team and organizational development.

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